Creepy toy

Debbie Dasiel

Guys and Dolls is when Jane's favorit hand made doll Debbie Daile's leg is broken so she takes Benny's spell book when they were playing video games. she and benny thought it would fix things but she but she brought Debbie to life. they wanted to turn her back but jane promesed her she wouden't let them and she said " ya! lets selibrate! CUP CACKE DANCE PARTY!". she feeds on life energy to keep human form. when Roroy ment her in Ethan's room he was going to take her some were when ethan and jane's parents came in and asked if she was a friend of ethan's then she took there life energy and turned them into dolls REAL DOLLS TOY DOLLYS! then she rapped her little fingers around roroy then Sarah, benny and ethan tried to get him away from her with Ericka. but it didn't work so she tried to look for ericka in the girls bath room then ericka said "Looking for me?" and tried to bite her but she heart her fangs. then she hit her aginst the wall and throw her in a stall. ericka was about to open the door nervosely when debbie opened it with have of her cheek riped of! she said " thats how you wan't? fine lets play!" in a squeaky voice and drainded her life energy like the school principle(sorry i forgot when he asked for student id)and ethan and jane's parents! so roroy broke up with her so she whent after jane to fix her so she had to fight sarah and guess what! she drainded her life energy! so ethan prtented to be Dasile Dan but he blew his cover becase he said he has a speed boat when Dasile Dan has a HOVER YOTE! so he jane had to turn her back but then she FIXED HER!